What theme/plugin CMS for my idea?

Hey guys!

I have an idea for something i would like to do, but im not sure whats the best way to go. Would appreciate ideas and suggestions! Is wordpress the best way or what would you say is the best for this:

The idea is basically to have companies list their business with coupons and/or specialdeals. I want the customers to be able to find these companies based on location (important that the nearest is found first), category or just a simple search through a searchbar. The idea is to take a fee based on percentage from the companies that have users recieve the coupon (i dont know how to validate that the coupon has been used) or by sending a request to us and we handle the communication with the company (I’m open for ideas).

I have medium/good knowledge in Wordpress and have worked with Woocommerce but im not sure they have what i need!