What theme or plugin would be ideal to sell freelance services ?



I am looking for a theme or plugin that would help me to sell freelance services as package. Let me explain what type of solution do I want…Actually I want to sell services like Web development, SEO, SMM, Accounting etc and more through my website, and would like to charge for services as Hourly and fixed price, that means I want solution that will show my services/package and bill client hourly and fixed amount per month or week. And it should have most used Payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, Credit/Debit card etc. I would like to choose specific theme or plugin that will match my requirements without editing the functionality. So, can someone suggest or give me link of desired product ?

Al Mamun


You only need a payment gateway and that is not related to theme. You can use any theme for that. :slight_smile:


Can you please mention that type of Payment getaway here ?


Choosing right option depends of few factors, like in which country you live, hove you mean to transfer money…etc. If you have some budget to spent you can contact me private in inbox I can help you with whole project for additional fee. :smile: