What the....


Did you noticed new featured author?
Am i the only one who see empty profile?


Well, it’s not quite empty. I think it was a surprise for ZtarrZound and he’s changing his profile right now to look better)


Lol i swear i saw not a single item, badge or sale and i was wondering what’s wrong…I just checked it again and it’s all in place :slight_smile:


Ha-ha, last item by that author was uploaded on 17 May 2014. AJ wants to resurrect the dead one)))


I saw it too @Mega-Music, you’re not dreaming :eyes:


Im not alone! :smiley:


It was just a mistake: http://audiojungle.net/user/ztarrsound


I’ve also seen it yesterday then the portfolio was empty!!!


At least that empty profile, surely abandoned, now shines with new cool badge, hehe.