WHAT THE HELL??? Searching proxy names doesn't work!


So we’ve done an offline edit using low-res proxy clips from Envato.

One of them, for example, is called 17651798

If you search that on Envato’s website, you get this ridiculous message:

You’ve ventured too far out into the desert! Time to head back
We couldn’t find any results for your search. Use more generic words or double check your spelling.

And yet, if you go to Google and search for Envato 17651798, the search works!

Really? Seriously? Please explain.


Envato and Google search is totally different ( Google is a search engine )
At Envato, you need to search the keywords instead.


Sure, but once we’ve downloaded the proxy, its filename is all we have left… right?


For some marketplaces, you can find the items by name ( you can find the template/item name within the file ) but I’m not sure about which marketplace you’re referring to