What the best WP Templates for a Kickstarter campaign




Does anyone know what are the best themes used for Kickstarter campaigns?

I am very much interested to finf the WP theme use by this Sea to Sky KS campaign:

Appreciate if somebody can direct me to the WP theme.



Hello Bob (@gildshire)

Here are a couple of themes specifically created for fundraising (crowdfunding), tagged with “Kickstarter”/“Indiegogo” on themeforest: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?as=0&referrer=homepage&tags=kickstarter,indiegogo,crowdfunding&term=fundraising&utf8=✓#content

They are all good, it depends what you’re looking for. The best method is to look at themes demos, read their descriptions carefully and, eventually ask the theme author about the features.

I hope it helps a bit :slight_smile: