What stockphotos I am allowed to use on my themes?


I am just wondering what stockphotos I am allowed to use on my themes on demo? I am asking because of the different licenses they have and is seems a bit confusing. Also are this images includes on theme files? Last thing can you recommend same for videos?


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As long as the images are not part of the downloadable files, feel free to use any royalty free images.
Nowadays, the trends are free-for-commercial-use images. You can include them in both demo and downloadable files. You can check out some of them at http://unsplash.com/ or better, http://allthefreestock.com/ (all in one). My favorite tool is http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/stock-up (it allows me to search for pictures from 25+ websites at once).


Hello DeliciousThemes,

Thanks for the reply and the info, just 2 more questions:

  1. What about images with the licensed CC0 like https://pixabay.com/. Can I use those too?

  2. For videos what you recommend?

Thanks again!

  1. Yes you’re allowed to include CC0 photos in your templates/themes.
  2. You can search on Vimeo for videos under Creative Commons license, note that you aren’t allowed to use any kind of CC licenses, only Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and Creative Common Attribution (CC-BY), if you choose to go with the last one (CC-BY), you must credit to the owner in you your item description (not for videos only, but photos too).

Just one more thing @OsamaSayegh and @DeliciousThemes

Best places you recommend to find those?? and also for icons and graphics to use on themes??


There are a lot of resources that provide free high quality photos, I’ll share my favorites:

And check out this article on the Help Center for more resources.

For icons, I found this one for you, don’t forget to make sure the license allows redistribution.

You can check our blog post. We covered over 70 sites that offer great free photos you can use for your items.