What sort of motion graphic is this?

22 amHelp. Where can I find this type of motion graphic seen at the start of this clip. As the drone moves and flys through the sky the Pointer / line thingy stays on the house as the camera pans left to right and the address title opens and closes… It’s doing my head in. I’m searching everywhere on Envato but can’t find the right one or what it’s called. Please help.

This is called “callout”. I typed the term into the Videohive search box and got those:

This particular item has a video tutorial that shows you how to make the point or the line of a callout element track/follow the object you want in your scene. Keep in mind this is an After Effects template, so if you don’t have After Effects you won’t be able to use this particular item at all.

Callouts. Thanks so much. Big big help!

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