What song is it? AudioJungle



I downloaded a music preview about a month ago and since then I have been working on a movie edit.
At this moment, when my movie is completed it appears that I can’t buy this music file…
I spent a few hours searching for it in audiojungle, with no success.

When I’m trying to identify track on http://sample.soundizer.com/ I’m getting an information that track is probably no more available…

What can I do right now?
Is it any possibility to find an author through this music preview?
Any suggestion about name of artist?
I would like to contact an author but don’t have any hints who is it.

The name of track was probably “Imperial”, category - cinematic, length 2.57min.
Here is a preview link I downloaded before: http://picosong.com/xD7W/

I’m in stuck with my project which I have been working for few weeks…
I’ll appreciate any help, thanks in advance


Sorry bro. It’s not my style. But anyway, you can choose from other authors. A lot of great cinematic music out there on Audio Jungle.
Hope you find right tracks for your projects.


i’ve listened this track before but cant remember who wrote it ! On youtube ( The way it’s mixed and the structure its probably someone from the big guys in trailers industry) ! So maybe the reason its not available is because of copyright or scam !
you can find lots of tracks like this on the market ! its sad you lost all that time on editing brother ! :confused:
if you dont get any luck finding that track take a look here ! https://audiojungle.net/collections/5598827-blockbuster-trailer