What song is being play??

Can anyone help me find the song to this Opener? https://elements.envato.com/modern-trend-8B7CX38

I don’t know but you can ask to the author of video, here: rockyhalder1@gmail.com

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I don’t know yet but I asked Media_Stock (the author of the opener) to credit the author of the music. If he willing to answer I’ll keep you updated.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

There is no Audiojungle watermark in this track, it might not be from AJ at all. Which would explain why a veteran author like Media_Stock did not credit the music as they are normally obligated to.

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Yes, that is what i thought, there is no watermark.

In this case I will ask his apologize. :slight_smile:

This item don’t have any song that are exist at envato market !!
you can contact with that guy through @liosound posted mail address.