What software is best for WordPress Theme development?



I would like to know what software is better for WordPress Theme development?
I use atom.io but… phpstorm is better? or what should I use?

Thanks in advance


I have started using Brackets which has some cool WP plugins (filter search etc), seems to be really useful and saving me a lot of time :smile:


I tried Brackets, but Atom is much more stable. I used to use Sublime Text 3, but it doesn’t have as much updates as Atom or Brackets. They are always improving.

I would like to know what plugins will help in my WP development.
Do you know any article about this?


Best Atom Packages for WordPress/PHP Development


Hey, been using Brackets!
Any plugin to share? :smile:


I am using the following:

Both are available in the extension search in Brackets

I am also using some non-wp ones such as CSS pre-fixed (adds the browser prefixes (-moz etc) when required.


I use netbeans and visual studio code.


Thanks for your answer. But why do you use it?


Netbeans for autocompletion of wp functions and its ablity to scan all functions which are within the project. Altough many softwares do provide the feature. I am used to it.

Visual studio code has emmet built in so makes prototyping quicker.

The main reason for using them is because they are in my workflow or say habit. :smile:


PhpStorm all the way


I prefer Sublime Text 3
its light, less use of RAM, fast and flexible,