What software do you use?

I have realized, that we have no any space to talk about different software, plugins and scripts. So I create this thread to share my tools and to hear about yours. Of course, any other topics or questions related to motion design software are welcomed.

So I start. Here is my set:

  • After Effects - of course :rofl:, and its scripts / plugins:
    • FX Console
    • ft-Toolbar
    • altwhip - my own
    • True Comp Duplicator
    • Flex Effector
    • aw_PreviewGenerator
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • BMD Fusion 9 - free and exclusive, you can’t get it on official site today. :cry:
  • DaVinci Resolve - much better than Premiere Pro, IMHO
  • Houdini - crazy beast for those who like to do things the hard way. :grinning:
    • Redshift 3D
    • Houdini 2 AE
  • Sublime Text 3
  • OBS Studio - screen video recording
  • PureRef - great tool to collect reference images
  • and bunch of other software to take notes

And what software do you use?


all that is profitable :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Among this software I use Photoshop. I love editing photos through which I can easily and efficiently edit photos. :blush:

Most of the above mentioned ones, + Cinema 4D is a must, can’t live without it :smiley: you can do so much cool stuff or other stuff very quickly, which else would take forever to do manually in AE or Illustrator.

Also recently started using Apple Motion. It’s surprisingly so easy to use and the way it handles linking controls to controllers is so much easier and more intuitive, compared to AE or creating MOGRT files.

Btw I hate DaVinci… doing macros (it’s like MOGRT files but just for davinci) in it is a total cancer… the way it lists all he possible functions you can include in your macro, and how you need to choose each one by one… OMG that can become so tedious and confusing… and if you made a mistake while exporting the macro, like forgot to include one node etc, you can’t even edit the file as you can do MOGRT’s in Premiere Pro… you need to start from scratch selecting all the nodes then navigating through each’s all possible settings to choose which you need… like jesus christ :smiley:

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