What should I expect with Photo Gallery Proofing themes

I am just getting into wordpress, and need someone experienced to tell me if my expectations are too high regarding a Photography theme that I purchased.

The theme says it offers client photo proofing, but all it actually provides is a template layout that lets the client click on the image to ‘approve’ it. There is no backend that displays a list of which filenames or images that were chosen.

The support documentation simply states how to create the page using the template. There’s no mention of a backend for admins to see the name of the files chosen etc.

The support that was included with the theme is telling me “you won’t receive any notification, but good idea for future update.”. Well now that I’m looking closer I see the $70 theme’s documentation hasn’t been updated in years, so I’m guessing neither has the theme.

Is it unreasonable for me to expect a backend side to view which photos a client approved or rejected? I doubt its that hard for a developer to implement this. Does anyone know of any themes that offer a complete solution, instead of this half baked one?

Thanks in advance! I appreciate you.