what should I do to make my designs improve?

I stop freelancing 10 months ago and I would like to make a flyer. When I design again I always rejected… How to improve my designs and can you give me any tips or resources so for designing… Thank you for the time… :smiley:

I could help if you show your rejected designs in order to give you a precise feedback.


hi this is hard to give u tips without seeing anything and identifying what u have to focus on or improve. For general tips, u can try to come up with the best works as possible, to upload very often, as often as u can , this way u’ll have more chance to sell …

Hello this is my last design and I think that it is not enough or I will say I’m not satisfied of my design… Here is the link http://graphicriver.net/user/crossstitch/portfolio


Still tricky without seeing the canned ones, but you are probably making the same mistake most newbies make; which is to make your designs as simple as possible to get the profits going.

Doesn’t really work like that here, you do reasonably complex work, and pick up speed over time.

I doubt that anyone here will give all their speed tricks, but the most obvious one, is the preview image.

Learn about Smart Objects, and at least that part will be quick, and also add a header list, (you can pick a header, instead of having to do one from scratch).

Those two things, amoust, others, should get 45 minutes do a preview image down to about 15?

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