What should I do to improve commercial quality?

Hi! This item has been rejected. I’m a little upset. And i need your help to know, why my track is rejected. Thanks!

I think the main problem is in - Reverse Crash
And quiet drums

Kick and reverse crash is the main problem in my opinion.

too few percussion layers.

at least cinematic music has sub, low, mid, hi perc. Don’t be too fast to write down rhythmic lower instruments / perc.

In my opinion, quiet or not is okay, as long as it is well balanced.

Thank you for useful information!) In working process I spend a lot of time for creating drums section. However I still don’t understand what to do with them))) I think that drums is most difficult part of work😊

I hope this video can help you

Thanks! Very grateful to you!:blush:

I think the claps at 1:02 through the end is the problem. You could just delete those. As they are too out of the mix and take away the attention of the song, also at 2:06 the sound is completely cutted abruptly, you should have smoother transitions, also ending could have a bold piano rather than a fade out piano

Thanks for the valuable advice!