What should I do if I need to repurchase?

I purchased a product last Friday But I can’t find this order in my purchased items
My paypal is in pre-authorized status I asked the paypal staff and the reply was that the merchant did not process it and in the end they had to refund the money.
I would like to ask whether this product will be shipped automatically after placing the order?
That author was last online 1 year ago
What should I do if I need to repurchase?

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


And the money in my bank card used to purchase the product has been frozen due to paypal’s pre-authorization.
I’m worried that if I buy it again, my money will still be frozen again。

Actually I posted it the day before yesterday
The staff gave me a ticket number
That’s all

That looks like…hmm, an auto-reply

This email is automated to just let you know your open support ticket ID. Envato support team will reply your ticket as quickly they can. Please keep patience.

But I need that product.
what should I do now
Wait for the money to be refunded or place another order.

don’t place another order. At first you need to get a reply from the envato support team. Because first time you failed and money refunded (processing).