what should I do for live preview , if I have no domain and hosting

Actually, I have no domain and hosting , but If I can not create live preview , is there any problem to approve my theme in themeforest ? however, If I have got free domain and hosting , Is there any problem to approve my theme in themeforest ?

You have to have a working demo.

You can use free hosting but it’s not advisable due to downtime, speeds etc

if i have no live demo , is there any problem to approve my theme…

You will never be accepted without a working demo - it is a core requirement

You need to have a live demo otherwise your item will not be approved.

by the way , I have got documentation file by using text.file , is there any problem to approve my theme . . I have no licences file , is there any problem to approve my theme .?


Not if the documentation covers everything it needs to properly - it can be text or online, there’s no rules on that.

How long time to approve the theme ?

can I use some images in main file from my friend who are photographer ?

You can use this Tool to create your item documentation, if your documentation is on txt file it will still not be approved. You need to have a proper documentation file which describes your item for the user to understand.

You include license file for items that are not yours, for example if you use a jquery plugin then check the plugins license file.

Here you will see the time for and item to be approved.

I used that file which is MIT license … I know mit license is used for everyone

Hawk95 I am very confused because he said that there is no rules but you said that it will not be approved .

Documentation can be a text, PDF, or HTML - most choose HTML.

You can use any images in the DEMO which you have license or necessary permission to do so BUT these should be replaced with placeholders in the download version

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It depends on the reviewer some will not approve your item if the documentation is not good enough, yes you can try to simple submit a txt file but please not that the item can be soft rejected it’s your choice.

What I am saying is better use a html version for your documentation because it can be viewed in any browser without any additional tools and there is a smaller chance for you item to be rejected.

what is the difference between prevew.themofrorest.net/item/url and themezone/item/url

I got its from themeforest but how can I do like this …

Preview is when the banner is on the item preview (open any HTML file for sale) once this is closed it shows the original demo link.

Bottom line is that every time you cut corners and do things cheap or easy weather that is demos, documentation, code or otherwise then you are drastically reducing your chance of approval let alone sales.