What should be in the Wordpress theme for themeforest?



Hi, everybody. I’m creating a Wordpress theme to send to Envato’s reviewers. I have always sought for visual diversity, animations, interactions and effects. And my site has a lot of animation (especially text). And the fact is that this text can be edited only in the developer console, only in the code (the words are divided into spans and are on different positions). For example, you can change an image in one of many interactions only in code. And only because it’s complex animations and interactions. Will my template be accepted by Envato? Provided that not all elements can be visually edited? And how much does it affect the growth of sales in the Themeforest?

In General, what should a potential theme for Themeforest contain? So I created a site, documentation, and a child theme. What else?


The biggest mistake with any item is following quantity over quality. A million badly executed animations will not out do 10 well created ones.

Having to be edited in the raw code will be immediately rejected as it’s not user friendly/accessible.

A theme should include functional pages, features, structure, blog, demos etc. And not just a pile of random animations or individual elements

If it’s your first then I would advise sharing the demo link here first before submitting to get more feedback


Hi @charlie4282

And you’re definitely right. But this is one animation, which is spelled out to all (almost all) headings. It is very carefully designed and looks impressive, take my word. But we have to sacrifice something when we receive something. Do you agree with me? And if a person wants to get a really great site, whose visitors will be delighted with the convenience and visual experience, this person has to sacrifice something. The theme is very functional. Extraordinary and comfortable blog pages, good structure and minimal, incomplete design. The only problem that has arisen due to the complex text animation is that you have to edit the text in the developer console. And I don’t think it’s very complicated, even for someone who’s not familiar with the code. Is it difficult to replace the existing word with a new one? I will definitely send the demo site here. But the question is, is it worth it? You can rate the visual part, but not the technical part (back to the question of editing).

And in the end, it is not reasonable if a person creates (changes to his needs) a site without understanding the structure of the site and without knowing the minimum code. It’s just, thoughts)


It highly doubt it would be approved if a user is forced to edit the code (esp for just an animation regardless of how unique it is). There are other themes with all sorts of animations that are controlled as shortcodes or part of page builders

Is there no way you can apply a CMS or shortcode to it?

Can you share an example demo link here to one of these animations?

You have to remember that this is a stock marketplace and the requirements and expectations are different to developing generally and you will almost certainly have the majority of people who are not that familiar with coding


I have a little problem with hosting. I can share with you a screenshot that shows (though not so impressive, but still) the animation of the text. CMS can’t handle this text. The text is divided into spans and appears at different times. Shortcode, unfortunately, too.

I’m assuming a few solutions, but I can’t be sure that they will help. Nevertheless, I will postpone this question for a while. Thank you very much for the consultation, but I have one more question (even two). And in fact, it is the same as the previous one.

  1. Even if I solve the problem with visual editing of spans (animation) - there is a new one. How to add them? Let’s say in the heading 10 words, and the person has 12 words. The animation is written only for 10 words. And then the person will have to go to the developer console and write a new value (I can even specify the code in the documentation and where to insert. With screenshots.) And this is objective. Theme again not will accept? What could be the solution?

  2. My theme has many hidden interactions. And as you know, if they are hidden, the content (visually) can not be edited. We’ll have to go back to the developer console. Again, what’s the solution? Theme not will accept?

The first screenshot (static. usually. if you did nothing and did not click anything)
Second screenshot (if you clicked on the text)

(An example of a hidden interaction in the screenshot)

And if I’ll can not solve the problem with editing spans (text animation) then here is added a third question.

Yes, of course, that’s why I’ve indicated that it’s just thoughts. I just think it would be more right. Unfortunately, the market dictates its own rules


Things like the fading in text in the screenshot definitely can be done with plugins, as part of page builder plugins or custom fields, if not shortcodes.

I am not experienced enough as a WP dev to explain it but an almost certain that things like that, typewriter text, animated titles etc all exist in most of the big themes like Jupiter, stack, avada, etc. And none are limited by changing characters or length.

Same goes for the hidden content - I am certain that effects and features like this exist in themes and are populated in the same way

As a general rule you must avoid people having to modify raw code.

It’s worth looking at the big themes for sale on themeforest and plugins on codecanyon to see how they do it as many offer similar if not more complex features and animations