What Should ADP Look Like?

May be they’re testing A/B of ADP :stuck_out_tongue:

I was encouraged to create this topic here on the forums by Envato … open discussion is a good thing and allows the community to give opinions and vent. However, there is no point unless a resolution comes from it. So I ask, will Envato do anything about this?

At the very least should this not be decided by the authors who have built such an incredible collection of premium products?

Let’s take a vote to see if ADP should continue as it currently stands.



If each company projects a 10 percent growth in its sales and the total market is growing by only 3 percent, the result is excess capacity. This, in turn, leads to hypercompetition. Competitors, desperate to attract customers, lower their prices and add giveaways. These strategies ultimately mean lower margins, lower profits, some failing companies, and more mergers and acquisitions.

Philip Kotler, «Marketing Insights from A to Z»


Would love to have Envato send in replies here. Even if it’s “no it’s not changing” … so everyone can move on.

Clearly the majority of authors do not like the way it’s setup now, why not start discussing changes?


It’s almost 3 weeks since ThemeFusion expressed their concerns about ADP and Envato hasn’t responded yet. If they can ignore a top author like ThemeFusion, I don’t think they really care for the community anymore.


I don’t see any reason why “BigGuys” are still on the ship ?

Just noticed, that in the latest 30 wp themes only 2 have a price over 50 :slight_smile: talking about the race to the bottom.
Had to bump this thread.

My question to Envato is, are you guys seeing this or maybe acknowledging it? And if you are are you worried?


We totally agree with @ThemeFusion.

and this is a great idea ( let’s vote all the authors):

Hey Everyone. Thanks for the ideas, suggestions, and feedback on ADP. I just want to make sure it’s very clear where Envato is at when it comes to ADP on Market.

There are no plans to remove ADP or set minimum prices on any ADP marketplaces.

The whole idea of ADP is to provide authors with the freedom to set their prices as they see fit. Each author gets to choose a price they are comfortable with for their items.

Whether on Envato, through a personal website or on a different platform there is always a threat/risk that someone else will provide a competitive product at a lower price. That is how a free market economy works. Throughout the entire process of working on and introducing ADP we’ve been aware of this risk. It’s why our teams work so hard to bring in new customers, over and over again.

From the data we see, there are many authors who are taking advantage of price freedom to raise their prices. For others, the opportunity to host a sale or promotion has allowed them to grow their business, build their profile and reach their goals.

These are positive outcomes that we’re excited to see.

Is there risk that authors will continue to challenge each other through item price, yes. Just like they are going to challenge each other with features, customer service, marketing, design, etc. Just as these types of things occur in the rest of the digital economy.

This is a big deal and a big change to our entire market ecosystem. We’ve taken a constant that many authors have built into their business model and changed it very dramatically. We know that. However, we believe that it’s given many authors the flexibility they wanted to manage their items and their business more effectively.

For these reasons and more, ADP is here to stay.

^^^ In two words ‘We’re happy that our income is growing while you’re playing with intro prices/special discounts and etc. For these reasons and more, ADP is here to stay.’

I thought that at least 2 years authors bring in new customers by themselves using Adwords, paid reviews and so on.
And don’t forget about the ‘Elements’ banner on every page.

Thanks for the reply James, appreciate the insight from you guys. The best point made from my point of view is the free market economy, yes that is how it works and that makes sense. It sounds good when you put it that way, we still strongly disagree with it.

Products sold here are all similar, especially to the customer who is coming here to buy a theme, so it simply creates a race to the bottom. There is no disputing that fact.

And in general, it rubs the authors the wrong way with how this was setup because it does not hurt Envato at all, regardless of what the author sets their cost at.

It is what it is … come what may :slight_smile:



Hi James,

We love a free market economy too!

But since Envato doesn’t have any plans to change ADP, what about dropping the fixed fee?

Stop charging $12 from each WordPress theme (+ %) and come back to the previous scheme. :slight_smile:

And if you really believe in a free market economy, let’s share all pros and cons of ADP with all the authors!!!