What Should ADP Look Like?

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Well, it’s not pointless - people will discuss and share their thoughts, and make their own conclusions and decisions about what to do with their businesses …
Of course, Envato is watching what people say here and will do only what fits best to their interest. If they conclude ADP is bad for company they will change it. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.
And of course, we believe that Envato made a lot of decisions which are bad for authors and marketplace, but, we are entitled to our opinion, as well as to our decisions on what to do about all this …

So as I said hope always remains :smiley:

I totally agree that ADP needs some changes. The price range is a needed improvement. It is absurd to have a 29$ price for a WordPress theme for a long run. And the existing pricing competition force us to lower the prices. Also, this pricing strategy creates some expectations from the customers, so they find a 59$ theme too expensive for nowadays offer.
Also, the possibility to offer discount coupons would be a great feature.

Agreed with all your points @ThemeFusion , there should be some restriction which maintain the envato eco-system for item price & quality .


I do agree with all the points. But in order to implement the change, the bottom price must be changed as well.

Right now, the minimum price for WP themes is $13. And the reason is simple: $12 (fixed fee) goes to Envato completely, and Envato needs one more $ to deduct its commision from.

The minimum price for a “simple” WordPress theme must be $39 and $59 for a WooCommerce supported theme.

There are several reasons for that:

  • These are the historical prices here. And every author/buyer was ok with them.
  • It takes COGS into account (you could break even if you sold 100-200 licenses).
  • The price level will restrict the “dumping” (in it’s legal connotation).
  • The REAL Envato commisions will be 30% (for $59 themes) or even lower (for more expensive products).


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But we would need a bigger range of pricings, this would level the plain without price dumping.
Bigger themes would cost more sell less but earn the same or more.
On the top of that, the limits on sales which are defined as a sale would work great.


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Agree with you!

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agree with you


As everyone said, current ADP has some major issues (atleast for authors). But ADP is definitely a good thing with some improvements. We are really want to encourage the more constructive ADP. You guys may also want to improve ADP but stuck on somewhere due to some implementation issues (like workforce, hiring people, time allocations so on). If that’s a case, please open up to the forum, authors/members can bring something awesome for you with small incentives (as you did for Envato API)

As a community member, i like to give you my thoughts for implementing new ADP

  1. Due to price variation for a past 10 months, buyers might be adapted with lower price points like $13 - $35. So it should take sometime to get back to normal. So envato can post prior intimations about the future changes on ADP.

  2. Commission can be varies slightly from $10 to $20 according to list price ($12 if they set $59). And instead of text box, you can use dropdown to choose the price ($39, $44, $49, …, $399).

  3. This point is already mentioned by tons of authors, Discount price need a separate box to enter the discount percentage (5% - 50%), also need a dropdown for discount period (1 - 30 days). Discounts should not affect buyer fee as it is now. Similar to upload limits we need discount limits like 120days/year. And you have to add separate label (like trending label) to show the “on sale” intimation (Believe me, its more effective than huge custom made banners).

Thank you for hearing my words.


While I am not totaling agree with ADP, I am against to defining a range whatever the range is.
IMHO, I think defining the bottom price is OK to keep the item feel little premium (not cheap ones).

I won’t suggest the price here as It will be a price-fixing act which seems to be not good for customers (just imagine some petrol providers have a meeting and decide to sell gas no less than $1000/galon so they will keep their super profit, you know what it should be and you will agree with that as a consumer?).
What if the author sees that $85, $99, $120 or even $1000 price tag is suitable for their effort? You know sometimes your niche themes (just like Education, Travel Booking, Directory, Restaurant, Real Estate…where included solutions are worth more than that) and end-users are willing to pay thousands for it should it is good enough.

I think there is a mis-perception among the authors: ADP means cheap, or sell off to increase sales.

ADP is actually a very neutral word, set any price for your item as long as you can satisfy with that.
In this case, I understand what @Dream-Theme is trying to explain to others. (but please also read the following)

I think when Envato applied ADP, they pull all responsibilities to authors.
Envato is just like a supermarket where author rents a kiosque and sell things. Do you guys think Envato want to control it back again? I won’t believe in a change like this.

I think the responsibilities to keep the market’s health is the authors themselves, esp. the market leaders who lead the market trend and yes, kind of in charge of educating buyers.
Let’s imagine if iPhone is just $100/each, do you think Samsung/HTC/LG… can sell?
Actually, iPhone keeps it $1000 price tag, Samsung/LG can be sold at <$1000 and go on Xiaomi, Huawei…
With profit like this, Xiaomi, Huawei becomes bigger & bigger and maintain a very competitive market with many improvement in mobile technology. Consumers in their segments can have more powerful & useful devices for daily lives and they can buy what they like .
Everybody Wins!

This should be the way Envato set the market trend, educating authors so they all acknowledge this.
As a conclusion, debating for a price relating issue is an endless discussion and won’t lead to anywhere.

The root solution is how to EDUCATE all authors here, THEY ARE DESERVED to set high price in a PREMIUM MARKET as Envato, Themeforest was known to be.


And how do you plan to educate all authors? I don’t think this is possible.

There’s a quote “Lead by Example” --> “Example by Leaders”

I don’t know if it is within the guideline & policy but I think we can tag top Monthly Authors and authors who have items in Weekly Popular so they all have consensus about this.
These are the ones who set the trends of the market.

Its a Good idea.

What we think , if authors get chance to sale their product by offering 20-30% OFF on each product monthly only one day.and the date can be depend on the authors as authors usually do email marketing monthly basis,sometimes what we do.

and price could be changeable from standard price to 10$-15$ Up or Down.otherwise product quality cannot control.Example : we are developing a PHP Script by 5-6 months and selling it by only 35$-40$ as our others competitors are selling by that price.and very sorrowful think is that, when upload the script at marketplace …we are getting some good sales for just 1 month but after passing one or two months it goes to black market and people usually try to download the script from that nulled sites and it reduces our sale what fall us in problem to continue our business.

This is just my opinion.

If Envato is making (almost) the same amount of $ per sale as pre-ADP, and ADP creates the need for more sales on authors so that they make the same amount of $, that means more $$ for Envato.

Enough time has passed. If ADP was not a financial gain for Envato they would have reverted it.
So it is here to stay.

Totally agree #ThemeFusion

Finally, you’re on Earth :stuck_out_tongue:

i also noticed that some items has more price for example some PSD template Reg price is $999999 and extended price is $600 and this is not professional just kidding… comments are welcome…