What reviewer mean ?! please advice

Today, we got soft reject. We dont really understand the reviewer mean:

  1. Broken image: http://envato.d.pr/hI1h07
    Let’s me explain this case: normally, it will show default logo. And default logo is locate in theme folder. In case, Tester remove logo image file to test img tag’s alt, it will show “Logo” [ with img alt =“logo” ] if image file not found…
    –> We dont know why he say me broken image for this

  2. WordPress nextpage feature not working. This page should feature pagination: http://envato.d.pr/a3jKvQ

–> We don’t know why he sent me this screenshot with this?

Please advice

Happy Xmas


  1. Please make sure you use default logo and it should not be missing, use conditional tag e.g.

// Variable image source from theme options etc.
} else {
// Default image source, your theme directory path.

  1. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_link_pages

Thank You

Thanks a lot for your help, let us try this.
We may misunderstand the request before :slight_smile: