what quality standard required for evanto?

i my plugin has been reject but i would like to find out what are the issues that i can fix and re-submit, can you guy pls review it, for they have just told me ‘isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward’.

its available on https://wordpress.org/plugins/serengeti-builders/

Why would someone need to buy a premium copy of its available for free on WordPress.org?

once accept at evanto i will remove on wordpress.

I think you will need to remove it first otherwise it could be an obstacle

okey, no problem, i will remove it. however still can i get a hand on making it more premium like? :blush: that it can be accepted at envato

what’s the (working) demo link

you mean where you can download source file?

No - you have to have a working demo of the plugin for the reviewer to look at. They won’t install it just to review it.

Usually without this the item wouldn’t even be reviewed and they would just send the generic hard rejection

ohoo! so i should have a link where someone can create a real grid from this plugin n check right?


  1. you can’t submit any free plugin as it is even the plugin is your own. So, you should to include some premium features into the plugin functionality then submit for review and in this case you don’t need to remove the free version.
  2. you must have a live preview demo link where plugin reviewer and if approve then customer and visitor can view the demo to check the plugin functionality.


Hi, a link like this? https://www.broxcomputers.com/serengetigriddemo/

yes a working demo link. you can check the envato market plugin details page and their live preview to know how they work. One thing hope you uploaded the plugin in codecanyon not in themeforest.

yes i have uploaded on codecanyon

does this qualify as live demo link?

Hey @rob4lunar your demo does not match with Envato > themeforest quality standard!
You have to more study and research about themeforest quality standard.

this is for code canyon sir

Not sure about codecanyon! you can try with submission

i have submitted there already n it got rejected.

your demo link is fine. just need to add premium features to get approve.

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when talking about the quality standard, does it refer quality of admin panel of the plugin eg. UI or quality of the output generated by plugin?