What qualifies as a series?

Hi, I am producing a series of videos (about 50 over the next 4 months) for a children’s mental health charity. I’m pretty sure this will qualify under the series ruling, but I want to be absolutely certain.

Each video will have the same structure, same branding and same aim, but be presented by a different ‘coach’ (teacher), and each one will explain a different innovative technique for dealing with various challenges the children may face in their lives.

Our chosen audio track will actually only be used for the intro and outro titles (approx 7 secs & 4 secs respectively), then fade out.

Can somebody from Envato please confirm?

Thanks very much,


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Hi @Jon_Nichols,

Your case definitely matches the series ruling.

Good luck,
Layla from HoneyLoud :slight_smile:

The question is, do you think of your videos as episodes of a same series? If yes, the series policy could be invoked. If not, then it would be problematic.