What PLATFORMs, MARKETPLACEs for selling your items based on BITCOIN do you know or use?

Hello guys! I want to ask about idea to sell your projects (music or photos etc) by buying items for BITCOINs. Is this possiblefor nowadays? Dont you gives any attention to this trending valuable cryptocurrency? I would like to know for a future any options, sites, companys or applications that makes this idea real! Maybe ENVATO should think about adding this option here in the MARKETPLACE!?
So Let`s make a BITCOIN important and trending for ENVATO!

Just in case you did not have an idea of what kind of ruine is under this criptodisaster idea

It’s not trending for couple of years

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Oh, come on. Im not stupid and I know the mathematics well enough to play this online crypto game with the bitcoin and economy financial system of all the world. Its just a game and you should know that this kind of fun is very hard leveled and difficult :man_technologist:. But it`s still stay the most interesting time spending process on the internet browser and the web. :speech_balloon:

Oh I’m sorry for thinking you were stupid.
Good luck with your run to success! :slight_smile:

Yes, very funny. But I am not kidding. I just asked about knowledge if you don`t understand about how to sold your music for bitcoin and for never need to use a real money pocket anymore :man_technologist:

Agree, I think many people have already forgotten of this