What percentage of your items were rejected?

Share your experience! :blush:

A very strange question! What are you trying to find out here?
Are you interested in statistics or why are your tracks being rejected?

Or something else? :smiley:

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My tracks have been rejected since 2017, maybe over a hundred items, :sweat_smile:. I realized that my work was bad, but I couldn’t just give up. And it is only in 2020 that my item has been received, I am very grateful.

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Thank you for motivation) It is that I need now! Because I tried to upload my new tracks, but all of them were rejected. I realize in my mind, that my works is bad. But my soul protests)))

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You’re welcome Lunin.
I believe you can.

tips that help receive my items:
Song structure
Chord progression
Choosing the right instrument (Timbre)

By protesting not being able to get your item received, be patient. Meditate to avoid negative thoughts. Keep going and uploading regularly.

I hope I can help you

thanks!):blush: I will try!:+1: Can I write to you and ask for advice about my next track in future?

9 KOs out of 115 I think. I am good or better than Zambidis the kickboxer

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