What other benefits do we have in paying taxes?

Just curious, I’m located in the Philippines… what benefits do we have in paying taxes here on this market?


as you are from Philippines if you submit tax information then purchased from USA will cut 15% tax but if not submit w8 form then will deduct 24% from all of your sale items.

Note: all TAX are going to IRS, envato just collect it.


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You can find about Envato Tax Treaties from this list http://prntscr.com/of6c0y

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Yep, already did. But any advantages… like easy approval to travel abroad or something?

Sorry to say no such advantage from here. But may be you will get advantage from your local country govt. when you will pay tax in your country and you can show this tax deduct information(if you need). Thanks

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That’s sad, been paying for years now, like most. I hope someone can set up something for us. It’s a “win-win”

As my opinion it is international business rules/policy most of western/rich country follow this rules.They maintain this tax rules every single person.
But in that tax reason you didn’t get any extra advantage.At here you can get help on your Envato Market Business from Envato Market Authority as Envato policy wise.

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I think I’m the only VH author here in the Philippines, I hope they could come up with something, it should not “hurt” that much for them… whoever “they” are.

I hope that someone come from your country to help you out.
Here you can find Philippines author or Envato User

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Thanks man, and thanks for the info/link

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Maybe this will make you happy a little bit, I’m paying taxes 30% for years and can’t do anything about that. The tax deducted from my total profits every month is approximate 200 -250$ that’s a huge amount

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No. You’re not the only one Videohive author from Philippines

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I feel that too man

Great to know romlam

I guess a lack of prison and/or the ability to sell items on VideoHive could be classed as ‘benefits’! Although there are no real downsides for you, as the Philippines has a tax treaty with the US, so your taxes would be the same whether you’re paying some of them to the US government and some of them to the Philippines government… or just all of them to the Philippines government.


I see, thanks for the info. Selling items on VideoHive is a great opportunity.