What OCD things do you do in your items?


I have only realised this weekend I have serious OCD when I am coding, examples:

I capitalize all color codes in css e.g.

#FFF instead of #fff

I alphabetize all my css controls e.g.


I indent everything by one space e.g.

div 1
div 2
div 3
end div 3
end div 2
end div 1

I comment on the end tag e.g.

<div id="some-div">
 <p>some text</p>
</div><!-- end #some-div -->

I don’t just do this to my code, if I am given someone elses code I will go through it and “fix it”…

What things do you do on your items that others may find OCD?


Well, now that I think about it… I meticulously meta-tag all of my audio files in every field possible :smile:

I always make sure everything has correct spelling, grammar, etc in every single (irrelevant) section of the file!

Lately my laziness has outweighed my OCD tendencies, and now I just leave the fields blank so as to avoid confusion if I ever changed the name of a track. :smiley:


I have strong urges to do those things, but I’m also a bit lazy so it’s whatever wins out :slight_smile: I got sick of rename my end div quotes after class name changes, so that’s gone out of the window.