What must i add to my template? Please Help

I uploaded my html template yesterday. but I got a soft rejection

  1. Parts of your demo still appear unfinished/incomplete. There is expected functionality (such as internal pages, links or lightboxes, etc.) which your demo lacks. Buyers will expect this template to provide all features that may be implied. Please double check your item thoroughly prior to resubmitting.

please help me, thank you.

With respect your html template is a unfinished template for example: you have added services, portfolio with a very short text/title there should be options to check details as like service details page, portfolio detals page or at least popup with some more details about the portfolio item. Contact section there should be a contact form. ‘Hire Me’ should be link up and you can use contact section for the button link. Thanks

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The message of the review team is very clear, you just have to follow that path.

This squad is very close, it takes extra work, it has a lot of potential but it seems to me that it is somewhat cut off from the arms and legs. I see very little or only interaction in the portfolio section.

If you can animate this template I would be great or find a movement designer who can help you.

Keep working, and I am sure you will soon have incredible results.

Best regards

It’s an unfinished template with many options as missing.
Like @mgscoder have pointed out all so please take your time in updating the code. Once you do please resubmit again.
Hopefully in a few days it will be approved

I got it, Thanks :blush:

Thanks :blush:

I’ll do, Thanks :blush: