what "multiusing" extacly means?

if buyer gonna use video template for one logo and after that put this intro in the start of 1000 videos - its a multi using of my template or not? i think that “not” but want to know for real

No, that’s not multi-use of your template. Multi-use of a template is when the customer creates different intros from the same template. And since there is no license covers such usage, the customer will need a license for each different intro.

Hello, I am the potential customer here :slight_smile: If I understood you correctly, the end product will be the intro with my unique logo, and that intro can be added to an unlimited amount of videos on YouTube commercially and non-commercially as long as the viewers don’t need to pay to watch the video (which they don’t on YouTube). If the viewers need to pay, I will need extented lisence (which I actually plan to buy just to be secure…).

If I put another logo (logo number 2) in that template and generate a new intro, that would be considered a 2nd end product. I will then have to buy another lisence, but when this is bought I can distribute/use the two different intros unlimited times. I understood this correctly? Sorry for going so into detail, but I take copyright very serious and want to be 100 % sure.

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Thank you.

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That’s absolutely spot on. And by the way, you don’t need extended license, you’re safe with a regular license :wink:

Thanks a lot St_Denis and OsamaSayegh for your help. I really appreciate it. I will go for regular lisence then and if I need extended I buy this in the future.