What measures Envato team is taking for author created files sold outside of Envato

Recently I found that the website code.market was selling most of the items from Envato by just buying a regular license.

When I reported an incident, the website is no more live.

What measures Envato team is taking on these areas.

There could be many such cases where people buy items from Envato and sell the same through their website.

To make a master piece, we struggle months. And some random people sell them through their website without a proper right.

This is really sad.

It’s a downside to selling stock content and far from exclusive to envato.

3 key considerations:

  1. As fast as these get taken down, another springs up so there’s a question around the value of investing significantly in this

  2. Envato do have employees dedicated to this type of issue but they do not tend to share great detail to protect their methods

3, There’s only so much envato can do legally when the copyright on items sits with authors

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