What means " drawing board " ?

my item was rejected ( wordpress theme ) and the message of the reviewer was :

" I am afraid your theme does not meet the necessary quality to be accepted to our market. I recommend you get back to the drawing board and ensure you do more research and produce a higher quality item. "

and i don’t understand what he means by " you get back to the drawing board " it sounds to me like a requirements so i searched on themeforest something with the name drawing board !! but i didn’t find a thing !!!

please if someone understand i need his explanation please !

“Back to the drawing board” is a figure of speech in the English language and simply means you should go back to beginning and start over:

Definition: Used to indicate that an idea, scheme, or proposal has been unsuccessful and that a new one must be devised.

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ooooooooooh i’m so sad to know that :frowning:

Thank you so much Tekanewa for your reply