what makes a wordpress plugin rejected on codecanyon?

i uploaded my plugin and quality team said its not qualified but they didnt say whats wrong, only the wrote " Visit [our forums] and ask fellow authors for feedback". what does it mean?


this mean if you post your item demo link in the forum then from forum community you can get feedback for your rejected item.


ok, got it

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Hey guys!

Same story here, I’ve submitted a WordPress plugin and it got rejected.

In my plugin I use JavaScript lib (https://github.com/devakone/client-compress). May that be an issue?
It’s a free and uses MIT license.

And also, on some of the screenshots we use iStock images. But we purchased them from there. Is that an issue as well?

The preview of the plugin can be found here: http://mindsawpreview.com/cf7/

Any advise here?

Thank you!