What made you happy today?

What made you happy today? Have you sold a broadcast license? Or maybe 666 licenses to one buyer? Your track landed in the Popular Files? Or maybe you have found your music in Teletubbies? Share with us! This thread can also reduce the amount of individual celebration topics.

I will start:

Two months ago I have found Paypal contest in my mailbox. It was something like “Contest for freelancers: describe your work. The most interesting story will win MacBook”. Guess who have won? Thanks again Envato! :smiley:


Great Topic! And big congrats to your competition win “RedOctopus”!
Im happy because I just finished a new Item today and its in review queue now. Its a house track called “Uplifting Luxury Fashion House”. So Pls Wish me luck :slight_smile:
Last month I had 13 purchases by one customer, that was awesome :tada::

Pat, B.V., Berlin


Hi there!

Wow. This is a cool topic @RedOctopus! I think everyone can share their wonderful news or their new achievement in this thread in the future. Go!

My congratulations for your victory in the contest @RedOctopus! Also I wish you good luck with your new track @BeachVibes! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a excellent news today too. I’m happy because I will be able to work on Audiojungle on full time in the near future. It was only my goal in the past. I started pretty slowly on AJ for some reasons, but now I have more time and completely new possibilities. That’s great. Thanks Envato!


Congratulations, RedOctopus! This is really great!)



What about me?
Last week I’ve got the 5th badge here!!!


Just sitting in front of my piano and bein concentrate to creating something interesting :smiley:

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@RedOctopus won a macbook? Man your life is full of surprises this year, congratulations!!

I am happy because I can work anywhere and no deadline at all. It’s not expensive to live in my country, so thank you AJ for opening many new opportunities in my life! :smile:

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@BeachVibes Cześć! 13 sales by one buyer? Yeah!

@MusicVision And that’s the best part of “working” on that market. I will keep my fingers crossed for your career! You are starting new life!

@FASSounds that’s true! And even few minutes ago I’ve received another very promising mail! Somehow I’m so luuuucky recently! And yes, you are right that working without deadline is a blessing in music industry (but sometime it also can be stressful!).


Excellent sunny weather and inspiration!)) And another great coffee, it seems called “Turkish orange”. Very delicious thing. I strongly recommend to try!)) All good!)


my work, love helping people and happy to have such opportunity

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Thanks for your support and good words. I really appreciate it! :v::slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations RedOctopus !, It is great you won this award.

If you want someday you can share your history with which you have won this prize :slight_smile:

@PrestoSound Congratulations! Keep it up. Go forward to the 6th and don’t stop! :rocket:

Hm. I might have seen somewhere this company :smiley: Broadcast license for kit, yey!



I’m happy when I see very nice use of my music like this :slight_smile:

Track used => https://audiojungle.net/item/positive-electro-pop/21001292

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Wow, very nice !!

Keep it family friendly guys. I’m sure we’ve all done certain things that have made us happy, but no need to share everything!

Yeah, you’re right @SpaceStockFootage I wish you a Merry Christmas and many great BJs that in my country mean BEIJOS (kisses!)

De fato.

Got payment for my music (from elsewhere) and paid all my bills with that money. :slight_smile:

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