What made these Songs Hard Rejected, Please Some Help

I can’t figure out what made the reviewer hard reject this song can you give some guides.They said its samples and playing, not arrangement or commercial value.Please help:
and another one on the same grounds:

Hi ! Nice track ! First that I noted is those hard distorted gtr at 0:45. I think it is from another style :joy: Second: In my opinion track is too repetitive, I think you should make it shorter. And third: Pay attention on acoustic guitar panning at 0:18 I think it too extraordinary. Good Luck !

i think you have a soft rock here ! with but muddy distorded guitars! maybe try not to overdistord the guitars on these kinda tracks! or go straight for a metal track !
this tracks is beautiful btw !

I agree with the others. The hard rock guitar sound doesn’t fit the rest of the song and it’s too repetitive. A track in this style would usually need at least one more section.

They said its samples and playing, not arrangement or commercial value

ouf ! dem samples ! dont know man ! total of the track is really nice ! and commercial ! my only concern is the hard distortion !

Cool positive track! As others are saying, the distorted guitars are overdistorted, and a bit too loud in the mix. Try to drown them a little deeper in the mix by lowering the level for a few db, and lower the amplifier gain for a half. If the guitars are still out of the mix then, apply a little dark and short reverb. Also the drums starting at 0:45 are machinegun-like, try playing with velocities to give them a little more dynamics. Just polish these nuances and try re-uploading, I bet everything will be okay. Good luck! =)

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I believe the songs with a good mix would be very very good. Some instruments are so louder than others, try to balance things out, On first song, I personally like the guitars but they should play in the beginning drop.
You need mixing help, maybe its your listening environment or speakers etc. Invest to that!

Thank you all. Will those small changes you suggest be enough to resubmit? They say don’t reupload hard rejected items unless you made enough chages for the item to be considered a new song. I don’t wanna get punished…