What LUFs level do you set your mastering to??

Wondering what people on these stock websites do for mastering nowadays - seems like Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, etc. all limits your loudness so it’s not like the “loudest master wins” anymore…or does it?? Would love a real number as to how loud the master needs to be (in terms of LUFs measurement)

Thanks all!!!

imhe It depends on the style. Usually between -10 and -15 (being -14 spotify´s norm and others)
I have some old tracks and electronic stuff at -9 LUFS :ghost:

It seems that most music here on Audiojungle is very “stabilized” and all sounds very neutral but loud - what is the lowest volume that a track would get accepted for listing? IT seems like some of the curators may still only listen for “loudness”…

Aaaahhh things are more complex than single xx Lufs answer. Different genres have different timbre, sound engineering/music library conventions. Check tracks from each genre and compare them, make stats. Compare heavy electronic dubstep with dynamic cinematic track (but not trailer or epic) and you’ll see what I mean.