What license to choose if using Audio clip for kickstarter and youtube

What license do I choose if I want to download this piece for my kickstarter and youtube video ( Magical Fantasy by hakan-eriksson | AudioJungle) .

It’s going to be in the background when I speak for my kickstarter video.
I will also use it in my youtube when I describe how to play the game. The sound is soothing to me.

What license do I choose?
(I don’t know my audience size, it’s a new project).

Thank you

Since you will be using the music in two different projects, you will need two standard licenses.

I hope that helps, good luck with your project! :vulcan_salute:

Thanks @St-TropezMedia that’s very helpful. I’m assuming, every time I use it for a new video I will need new license. Good to know.

aymanzone - if the videos you create can be considered part of a “series”, you will only need to purchase the license once for up to 52 videos in one year’s time. Here’s some more info about that:

Complete info about licensing can be found here: License FAQ | AudioJungle