What license do I need for a brick and mortar store display?

I’ve created a video for a brick and mortar store display, I’ve found audio on audiojungle that I want to use. But I’m unsure of what license I need, standard, broadcast or mass reproduction? Is that considered broadcasting?



This specific use is not covered by Envato’s terms. Nonetheless, the Standard license is the one you want. Broadcast licenses is only needed for TV air time. The Mass Reproduction would only be needed if the video were to be displayed in over 10 000 stores.

Please note, that regarding Performance Rights, the store display would be considered a live venue, and you may have to deal with performance royalties, depending on your local PRO policies.

What does PRO stand for? So I can look into these. Thanks for the reply.
Eh I assume it means Performance Rights Organization. Is that correct?

PRO stands for Performing Rights Organization. It’s an organization that collects performing royalties paid by broadcasters (ie,TV channels) or owners of live venues. Most PROs will not go after small stores, but some may. In any case, the store owner should be aware of this and know how to deal with this.