What licence when publishing a book

I am writing a game development book. There are some great 2D graphic sets available for purchase on Envato.

I am confused by the licence agreement.

Is a “regular” licence acceptable if I am going to suggest to the reader they use a graphic set available but demo the game creation using that asset (the user will only see versions of the graphic embedded in a PDF document) or because I am publishing a book that can be purchased by readers would this mean the 2D graphic set requires an “extended” licence?

Thank you.

You need extended license.

Thank you for that - it means I will use other resources in the book as this makes Envato resources far too expensive.

You can check Elements.

For example you can’t print an image out as a poster and sell copies of that poster, as the primary value of the poster is from the image itself. However, you can print an image as a book cover and sell copies of that book, as the primary value of the book is from the writing/contents of the book and not the image itself.