what licence for small audience short movie series?

Hey, I need your help. One of my clients asked me what licence should he buy for small audience short 60 sec. film series. As far as I know from past posts about it on forum (probably old forum, I couldn’t find it…) he can buy single licence for that type of project…but which one? Does simple standard licence cover it… or it should be Music Broadcast (1 million) (39usd) to cover all potencial views/uses of the song?

Despite what the audience if the 1 million 1 million if the 10 10 ) ) ) this is how I think)

Check this and see if it helps you: http://www.snailarts.com/how-to-know-audiojungle-license/ :slight_smile:

thanks for your answers. Problem solved :wink: It’s all in FAQ about multiple use of licences. thanks again.