What libraries drums do you use?


I would like to learn and exchange experience who what libraries uses drums. I use SSD 4 and some libraries vengense but lately not quite satisfied, cymbals sound a little harsh iron and sounds themselves a little plastic) share experience


In my some songs I used Addictive Drums. cool library) I recommend!


Thank you! many Addictive Drums use I see)) and I need to try


AD2 has a lot of great packs. I use it a lot. And that sound drums also.


Addictive Drums 2 recommended


This is my go-to place haha
The horror of making retro music. You gotta take those old dry samples and process and polish them all up yourself. :slight_smile: But they sound so sweet when it’s done right. Nothing sounds better than some well processed Linn LM-2 samples! I bet no one else here is interested in this at all haha.


I downloaded the way these banks)). There are good samples if you dig … thank you!