What kind of music is best sold?

Hello everybody!!! I registered on Evato three years already, but sales somehow not really go (
My Portfolio and not so meager, and the quality of my music is good. But there’s something I can not advance in sales. I’m looking for a professional advice! Thank you for your feedback!

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There are alot of factors that affect the sales.When i started to work, i was working on the genre that i had alot of expiriance…I had ups and downs alot, sometimes i become hopeless when i enter on AJ and see that there are no sales for days.I was desperated…I started to read forums and see what other people talk about and realised that this job is a marathon…Here, you can only grow up with time as you build your portfolio you will have more and more items to sell…Ofcourse, quantity is not the best choice but there are alot of people having alot of sales because they have huge portfolio.I would suggest you to read on forums and you will learn alot.Every start is hard but if you are persistent you will make it! All best and good luck!

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Thank you very much, dude! So I will be reading forums more. I just now decided to go to the forum for three years !!! :smile: I will go and see here more often now.

Belive me, it does help ALOT!..It worked for me…I changed my quality and production to better thanks to profesisonal authors here :smile: