What kind of license i need?

Hi! I’m making documentary here in Europe. I’m using video clips from this site. What kind of license do i need, if national non-commercial TV-channel buys my documentary, if I sell DVD-copies, if some distributor wants my documentary or it will be shown in film festivals world wide? I suppose that Single Use license is not enough?

Hi, please read more about licenses here: http://videohive.net/licenses/terms/video_media_multi

The Multi-Use license allows you to use the footage in multiple end products (End Products are the documentaries in your case), whereas the Single-Use license allows you create just one single end product (or one documentary).
The end product can be sold, distributed through multiple media (TV’s, festivals, etc…). So as long as you’re using the footages in one documentary, the Single-Use license is fine.

If you want to use the footage in multiple documentaries, let’s say 5 documentaries, you need to buy 5 Single-Use licenses, or just one Multi-Use.

Ok, thank you very much, i think i dare to use only Single-Use license:)

My pleasure :slightly_smiling:
The Multi-Use license becomes worth buying it when you’re planning to use it in 4+ end products since it’s 4 times the price of the Single-Use license.