What Kind of HTML Template Should I Use

I’m a little confused on what kind of HTML template to use. I’m not really selling anything, but I’m writing reviews, or rather compiling consumer reviews from all over the web about any given product, then writing 2 (Pro vs. Con) composite reviews of all of those reviews. I know I’m going to need the capability for several nested pages, which I’m guessing might be part of my funnel. Anyhoo, should I get an eCommerce template, or sales, or since it’s a review template should I get a blog?

Hi, first, unless you are a web developer, you will most likely need a WordPress theme rather than HTML template. As for the specific category where to look at, Magazine category sounds like something which should work for you:

@UnkleBuck you can your Blogging template. It will be more effective.

@LSVRthemes is absolutly right, it is also a good option to use Magazine template.