What its the risks of using envato graphics in our social media? copyrights etc?

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new to envato here. can anyone please tell me what are the risks of using the graphics or assets from envato market? can we use them in social media without facing any problems with rights etc?

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You need to read the license document that you can access from the home page. I liked Envato because they have a simple license agreement. From what I read it is alright to use the graphics in projects you create from them on social media. The graphics have to be incorporated into a unique project of your making. This simply means that the graphic itself cannot be the main reason someone would buy the work. Like you creating a directory of these graphics and selling them, or taking the graphics and selling them on some other platform by themselves. You cannot use them for merchandising such as selecting a graphic and then putting it on a bunch of t-shirts you sell. Each time you use a graphic in a finished project or project you sell, you have to register the graphic. If you are just playing around with it, trying it out, you can download it without registering it. I think this about it in a nutshell. You should though go and read the license yourself. Hope this helps.



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