What Items Does GraphicRiver Need?

For about 8 years I’ve been submitting the same sort of items, but lately I’ve been wanting to do something different. I have a long list of specific item ideas spanning different categories, but what does GraphicRiver actually need? There used to be a page in the Knowledgebase which detailed what is and isn’t needed (which to my knowledge hadn’t been updated in years), but I can’t find that anymore. I’ve spent the last few weeks looking through all of the categories that interest me, and taking note on areas which I personally don’t think have many (if any) high quality items, but it’d be good to know what GraphicRiver is actually looking for.

The majority of trending items continues to be Powerpoint Templates and Photoshop Actions, but those are already fairly dominated by some incredible authors, so it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a demand for brand new items in those categories.

Like I mentioned before, I have ideas, and I will eventually build them, I’m just wondering where GraphicRiver is looking to expand and where is there not much more needed.

It would especially be useful for new authors to refer to, as it seems many are always trying to start out in categories that are already packed full.

And hey, if there isn’t some sort of official statement/guide on what’s needed, it might be a good idea to put together a comprehensive guide for this, just an idea.


hi buddy well i have trending items on regular basis - besides my valentine flyer of this year is a trending one at the moment - and this i snot only a matter of powerpoint or actions

as for the strategy , this is a good question but honestly i doubt that anyone has any idea of what the strategy here is lol i mean apart from maybe trying to push the stupid automated services in which our services are not required …

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I meant that if you look at the weekly bestsellers, new bestsellers, and whats currently hot, the vast majority are powerpoint templates and Photoshop actions. Of course there are other types of items that get on trending, but they aren’t the top ones.

They have a basic version of what I’m asking for AudioJungle and VideoHive, but that’s it, and I know they used to have the same thing for GraphicRiver at one point. They have a whole section for Item Expectations, but it’s mostly geared toward AudioJungle.

There’s no doubt that those who run the Marketplaces know the stats, so it’d be nice for us, the Authors, to know it as well. Such as:

  • How many items are submitted to each category each month.
  • How many are rejected.
  • How many items are in each category.
  • How many of those items have sales.
  • Which categories need more items.
  • Which categories/item styles are not needed.
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lol they will tell u that to provide u with such a report they would have to hire more reviewers which is not in their intentions lol and i would add that with the very subsequent fees taken from us on every sale they prefer providing shareholders with big money rather than doing just this lol
however what u mentioned is good and would certainly be interested to have :slight_smile: