What Is Your Record Of Sales In a Month?

Mine so far is 12. Hoping to improve.

  1. Keep at it!

Three hundred and eight four.

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That’s weird, I wrote 384, but it’s showing as a 1. Went to edit the post and it’s saying 384, but when I press save it goes back to a 1. I have sold more than one item in a month though, I can assure you!

Testing 384.


240, Re-checked :slight_smile:


Nice result! Very close to top sellers

39 Sales :slight_smile:

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Most of them are about $4 to $17 though, rather than those that just do hefty AE projects… and it includes some sound effects and the like at $1. So unfortunately, I’m not making $10K a month just yet!


I understand this, sales just show how much demand is, not real earnings.

My record is 1518 sales :slight_smile:


Wow! Congratulations!

Awesome =)

Hey, Fun-Killer :smile: that’s just awesome! Would definitely cancel my f*** worker job in this situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

My best month ended with 104 sales due to a featured item.

It’s not the good level. I have in a month 19 sales - that’s the nice level! Learn of me! =Р But seriously, this is a great result, congrats! You make very good music)

Damn James! You’re nearing the all-time record :sunglasses: (not counting Sound Ideas - 1700 and some by PZ)

My is 50 but I will beat all the records that there ever was here !!! :smile::smiley::grin::sunglasses:
Congrats @AurusAudio !!! :wink:

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