what is your opinion problem this project for saling in envato?!

Hi, is this a mockup, stantionary or a brand ?

Hi, this is stationary but i named " dehliz" .

hi well u have a collection of problems here in my view

1- contrast
u are violating a basic design principle here and this gets u into a whole lot of trouble a the text is just close to invisible … which leads u in a snowball effect to additional problems , see point 2
2- readability
what is the point of having texts somewhere if they cannot read and why having a stationary if the concerned stationary does not allow users to read the information from the company that would be supposed to buy this item from u?
3- hierarchy
this is more or less linked to the contrast issue indeed, the hierarchy cannot be considered as satisfying when the most important elements turn out not to be stressed and that things that should be valued are not in the end …
4- global style
if u ask me there not enough personality pr activity n what u have been doing here, this is too generic and we cannot really identify who u are addressing in the end , not to mention that the design is a bit a “mid way one” if i can call this this way … not really retro, not really modern, something like a bit in between not really possible to consider completely outdated but not trendy either
5- disposition of elements
personally do not get it … why on the cd pocket having the text placed on the right , this is making not much sense in the first place but this is even worse when u integrate the design u have created in the mockup …, this is just one example out of several indeed …
6- coherence and harmony
i may have lost a part of the way of thinking here but how can we sort from the sort of spiral shape that u have in most of the item to end up with this kind of symbols in the back of the envelope and the cover of the notebook? i simply do not understand , not to mention that i have to relate this to point 7 …
7- color combinations
have u ever heard about complementary colors , about shades of the same color or theme code colors? because they are safe choices, they offer contrast, what u do not have here and globally they ensure coherence , visibility, readability and so on and so forth
8- alignment
this is resulting from the disposition of the logo , indeed, the logo in the center of the page for the free paper page and there is much to say about it at point 9
9- usability
the free paper page , as i guess that this is what the top right one is supposed to be used for , indeed, is meant for people to write whatever they like do u believe that with such a prominent shape they will have much space to write and address people? besides there is a reason why most of these formats are faded ones, this is because there is a need to make sure that what people are writing with a normal pen will be visible and readable , so in other words that the item is functional
10- bag
this is part of a stationary? lol this rather looks like branding, and i guess that if u have trouble to tell what your item is being made for , this is where trouble are starting lol

Thanks a lot dear friend :pray:

This is a good idea to sell on Envato.

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