What is your favourite AJ perfume? The perfume that inspires you the most to create great stuff?



Good morning everybody, I wish you a great inspiring and creative day full of perfumes! :slight_smile:
I think perfumes are very inspiring elements, please leave your favourites. I think it will help us all to have creative ideias.


If anyone know how to delete posts, please let me know. I’m feeling ridiculous!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Too late, you ask, we answer.

Mine is, without a doubt, the sweet smell of Narciso Rodriguez’s “For Her” Eau de Parfum.
Providing an instant confidence boost of inspiration and motivation with one simple spritz!


Aleluia! Thanks :slight_smile:


By listning to your music it really smells wonderful!


Ukulele. By Calvin Klein. :smile:


Great perfume :smiley:


Me when someone with too much of your inspiring ideas comes too close:


Be careful!! Don’t do it too hard, you may lose your last neurone :wink:


I don´t know if it inspires me to do music, but it do love it: The smell of grass after the rain. :nose:


Good idea! My last perfume Kenzo L’eau Par )))


Sex Panther of course. Turn the lights down low, get some jazzy piano and soulful sax going. Your track is guaranteed to sell 60% of the time, every time.


I don’t remember the name of my fav perfume :joy: just remember the smell.


Yeah, great natural inspiring smell, indeed! :slight_smile:


Have to try it one of these days. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


wow me too :slight_smile: