What is wrong with this pattern? It was rejected.

Hi, guys. Plese help me to understand why this work was rejected an it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward?

This is my first time trying to sell.

Thanks, guys.

hi as for me this does not look like 100% seemless, have a look the upper part, i am quite sure that this is smaller than all the other lines vertically, apart from this i do not see what could be wrong about it lol there is not much to say …

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Yes, n2n44, you are absolutely right for the upper line, that is because of tiling, you can also see bottom line, when they come together over each other correct tiling is taking effect.
As here

with teh preview it did not look like … but this is just a preview … but i think u should make it match with the surface u have here … but this is not a point to reject it , then …

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Dear, n2n44 thanks a lot for ur kind replies.
It is really hard to understand why why was rejected.
Thanks for taking time and answering. I see u’re the only one who answers all the topics in this forum :blush:

talking about things hard to understand , if u have any idea for my flyer … https://imgur.com/gallery/H2VIJue, thanks in advance …

Sorry but i did not managed to open u’r link, as it says " Zoinks! You’ve taken a wrong turn." :disappointed_relieved:

You try to upload only one pattern? or this one is from series?

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DesignSomething, i uploaded only this one.

sorry there was something wrong with the link i do not know why … here it is … https://imgur.com/a/GHQ3bXe

DesignSomething, ok thanks a lot. Now it is clear.

DesignSomething envato@discoursemail.com, 7 Oca 2019 Pzt, 15:01 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

n2n44, i opened u’r flyer now. And i found it really cool. But for my eyes boots’ region is very complicated. My eyes get tired while looking at that area. Water splashes behind the boots are difficult to understand what are they for there? Transparency and image over an image gets my eyes tired. And maybe u should use not more that 2 types of fonts there.

Thanks for asking my opinion. :blush:

thank u for your opinion buddy , i appreciate time that you took to tell me, as for the splash this is because i also have water in the background, not only the sky, but maybe difficult to see on the preview …

Nice flyer! But please fix some text typos in the word “Exercise” :slight_smile:

well i doubt that this is the problem lol as u can find tons of mispellings in a lot of approved items …

Well, I didn’t say that this is the problem. That’s just a suggestion to make your product better :wink:
Anyway, you decide.

Wow are u serious about misspellings?

Absolutely. Why not?
You don’t write headlines as a set of symbols and characters like “Yte;tkb@ 'nj$ yt* jxtdblyj&”, right? :slight_smile: You’ll highly possible write something like “Your headline goes here”. And I don’t see any reason to write words incorrectly if it can be changed and improve a product.

yes i agree and thank u :slight_smile: now what i wanted to mention is that this cannot explain why it was binned , but u are right details matter taking out a mispelling is a good idea

u are right, though, this should be true for all people and there are tons of mispellings here and it does not seem to have any consequences usually as items are approved all the same …