What is wrong with this logo?

I have submitted the logo and get rejected, they only say it’s not a quality standard product. I don’t know actually what is wrong with this logo. if someone can explain to me that will be helpful for me.
thank you

mail file:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/xj1i66v2gveav4b/Main%20Blee%20logo.zip?dl=0

The concept is overused.

sorry buddy i do not agree … this does not mean that this cannot be done and that this one could not make it fro sale indeed, i think that there has to be other reasons for the thing to be rejected … as for me i see all kind of problems not related to either the theme or the style … starting with spacing, alignment of the tagline with the name … or the changing font variation from in the vertical logo to the horizontal version indeed … not to mention the positioning of elements and the lack of imbrication of them …