what is wrong with this hard rejected flyer? please help!

moneyman-Purple moneyman-Red moneyman-Teal

Hi there:

I think that your flyer is good idea but problem typography, you need improvement typography. good luck.


hi i personally tend to believe that his one could have made it … all is tasteful … this is true that u could have a slightly more efficient typo and, especially as regard to titles and a slightly better hierarchy thanks to reworked / improved titles but for me the whole thing si clean and tasteful and this is harmonious in any colors. I guess the only solution for u is to try to make some titles and subtitles pop up a bit more and make them look more “outstanding” so to speak

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Hi, thanks for the suggestions, i have used futura lt bt and futura md bt. what would have been the appropriate fonts or font family for this flyer?

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Thank you, your suggestions have helped me improve quite a lot since the last upload. can you suggest any tutorial or any guides where i can learn more about how to set the hierarchy’s right?

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@nayannath_11 I think that lato or open sans or roboto, it’s good fonts. or if you want check other font better.


indeed u do not need anything like this, try to do as if u are a customer and what u would like to be featured indeed … normally the titles and so on must pop up and then progressively vary depending on importance, leaving the secondary texts in lower size and without any decoration indeed, use bold and caps and also font combinations for titles u will see this will make your items reach the next levels, this is this simple … though this does not mean that all u do will be accepted once u do … but this is the necessary step for u to collect conditions for your item to be more easily accepted indeed

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Can i re-submit this item again with improved typography?

i guess so buddy as long as u bring significant enough changes …